Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Well here it is....stitched, pressed and ready for the trip across the pond! The pincusion is also stitched at the bottom of this fabric but my photo skills are not what they could be.....I LOVE the colors of this piece and can not wait to finish it.

Jackie has offered to chart something that will add a rememberance of out trip to England. I thought of putting something here but the beautiful painted button that actually is to be in the center is something I can not leave out.

Someone who knows Thistlewood might notice that the inside of the leaves are not the charted tent stitch.....In an effort to retain my sight, I made them a padded satin stitch. I love the sheen of the silk with this stitch....Jackie will not mind, she is very good about things like this .... generous of spirit!

Coco is in Pennsylvania visiting her sister.....I miss her more than I imagined. It does not take long for the little buggers to become part of your life.....

Chicago is bracing itself for "weather".....There is a heavy dusting of snow outside my window this morning and they are promising more by the end of the day.....I am concerned I will not get to Des Moine tomorrow. Very early flight and they may not have things cleaned up.....What will be, will be.