Wednesday, May 23, 2012


There is a Tradition might even call it an old wives tale.  It has to do with knives and scissors.  I heard this first at my sisters wedding shower, almost 40 years ago when our cousin Phyllis gave my sister a great set o knives and then gave her a penny.  We all asked what the penny was for and she told us "When you give something that will cut...there is a belief that it will cut the love or friendship so you must always give something round at the same time".  After that, as is often the case, I heard the "old wives tale" everywhere.  A few years ago I visited a wonderful family at a scissor factory in France.  The were very kind and gave us some beautiful scissors that day.  When we were ready to leave I gave the mother and her two sons each an American penny.  Marie Claire hugged me and said "You know the tradition!" was a special moment.  So when I design kits that will be used with scissors, I include a penny for you to put inside so if you ever loan them to a dear friend or loved one,  the penny will keep your love and affection safe.