Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Coco - A Year Later

Many of you saw the pictures of Coco as she was growing up and living in Chicago. Well, last Winter when I was getting ready to move, my daughter, Elizabeth, took her for a few weeks until I could get settled. This is where the story diverges....My version is that Coco and Elizabeth plotted against me so that Coco could stay a country dog instead of a city dog. Elizabeth's version is that I drug my feet so long to get Coco back that she fell in love with Elizabeth and would not leave. Which ever version works for you, this is Coco taking a nap on Elizabeth's lap and enjoying her life!

My best girls...................


To make one of these, but I never take my glasses off except to sleep. Then in October when I was in Utah, my friend Mary complained about looking for her glasses! There it was, the perfect opportunity. So I made it for her for her birthday. Which is in January. It finally was put into the mail.

It was great fun to make. I did not have a pattern just a picture of one I had seen while surfing the internet. But once I thought it all out, it was fine. It is weighted with round pocket weights I sewed on to a piece of batting and then basted to the bottom of the pincushion....The Glass pocket is lined with Warm and Natural so that it cradles the glasses..the Pincushion can, in fact, function as such.

I think she is using it. Mary took this picture and sent it to me.

I FEEL SPRING.......................Also, look for a new picture of my little Coco!