Wednesday, June 27, 2012

To Nora....With Love

I was sad today.  Nora Ephron died yesterday and I will miss her.  I did not know her but she knew me and you and our sisters and mothers and friends.......she knew us from the inside out.  When I needed to cry I could count on her to help me feel whatever it was that troubled me.  What a great gift she was to us.  It is one more reason to believe that God may very well be a woman! 

I spent a wonderful weekend with a group of women friends.......we are all different and the same......perhaps, for me, that is why I feel this loss of Nora Ephron....she would have fit right in with us.....she was every woman, any woman, and all women. 

Although I am sad, I celebrate her life and am grateful for her being among us.  I hope she went with peace and wish I could hold her family safe.  I hope she had daughters. 

When you are with the women in your life over the next few days, remember to tell them you love them.  I give my love to all of you..................