Thursday, July 30, 2009

Week from the Other Side of Wonderful

Well, let's just say this week has had it's share of really good things and really bad. The picture is some friends on my Albany adventure earlier in the Summer. We did a Road Trip on one of the days of my visit. Driving to Vermont we passed this fabulous giant painted moose. I asked if we could stop and take a picture on the way back. We did. The gentleman who took this picture was 3 sheets to the wind smoking and leaning against the Moose who shall be known as Marty....and Marty was none to happy with this smoke blowing into his face. After must instruction and re-instruction, to get him to understand you point the camper and push the little button on the top, he took this picture. I am to the right of my friend Mary in the Pink Shirt but the scowl on my face at the photographer caused me to exercise my Editorial ability and crop myself right out.
I have had this picture for several months and you are seeing it today because I needed to see them and remember how important they are to me. These are some sisters of my heart. Embrace the sisters of your heart today and send them cyber hugs.

Friday, July 24, 2009

A Good Cause

The picture is the Pinkeep I designed for my EGA Group. We are going to kit them at the next meeting and then sell them at the Illinois State Day in September. I am going to finish it this weekend with the silk fabric you see in the background. I think I will make it with a scissor pocket on the back....since it will be mine at the end! I will probably make a strawberry to match.....I am thinking about a scissor fob also....the obsession continues!

I love fall colors so this one was a joy.

We are going to use the money to pay for a place to have our meetings. The park where we now meet is upping our rent AND it is really not Handicapped accessible.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

So Much Trouble,,,,,

The pictures on the left are a compilation of things....the Little Square Fob is a Drawn Thread pattern from this years Celebrations of Needlework....The Cushion is a Shepherd's Bush Pattern made with the left over thread and fabric from the Drawn Thread Kit and the little Strawberry is made from the same Kit leftovers. I LOVE the colors and the little set of smalls.
Now, you are asking yourself, what does that have to do with trouble. has nothing to do with trouble. When I visit the blogs of others, I like seeing pictures.
My daughter has complained. That is the trouble reference. Although I had told her about this Blog, it was my assumption that she did not read it. I was wrong. On several fronts. She tells me that I have ruined surprises by posting her birthday pillow and the little chicken. I am chastised! Since a very significant birthday is coming, I shall cease all information regarding it until it passes. It would be a wrong for me to describe her as the wind beneath my wings......she is the very reason I need wings! Forgive me if I have been maudlin. She forgives me and as an only child realizes these "Quirky" habits of her mother are simply something she has to embrace.
Seize the Day!

Sunday, July 19, 2009


When I was a little girl.....(maybe 4 ) my family lived in a tiny town in Pennsylvania. We lived on the second floor of a small clapboard building on the main street. The first floor was the home of the town newspaper, The Mountain Echo. I have these shadowy noir memories of going in the front door. On my left is a huge oak roll top desk ( I am sure that at the age of 4 I did not realize it was oak) and seated at the desk in a wooden swivel chair is Mrs Adkins. Picture tall, stately, grey hair pulled into a washer woman hair do. I see a voile dress with small flowers. There is no voice and no conversation that I can remember......

She had to have spoken to me. At the very least to allow me entrance.

Their was a GIANT printing press in the back of the building.....It made very loud noises. On the right at the back are several men with oil skin aprons setting type. There is a hole in the floor where the excess ink is put. The smell is glorious....paper, ink, heat of the press running. In today's world, I would never be left to wander this space. I do not know why Mrs Adkins let me do so then....but she did.

This is what I have found about her...she was a woman far ahead of her time and wasn't I just the luckiest child to have been near her. Imagine being a woman editor and owner of a Newspaper in the 50's. I now understand that she must have been an older mother and had much sadness in her life. One son died at 2 and the other in a tragic accident in the late 40's.

"Mrs Adkins was a native of Light St. Columbia Co., and a daughter of of the late Franklin Pierce Kelly and Mary Ammerman Kelly. The family moved to Shickshinny in 1885 where Mrs. Adkins was enrolled in the Shickshinny Public Shools.Following graduation she took the state examination for teachers and began teaching in the Shickshinny Valley School. Later she was appointed to North Main St. School. She devoted 18 years of her life to teaching. In 1916,Mrs. Adkins gave up that position to become a housewife. She was married to the late Mason Hix Adkins, then a partner in the Mountain Echo, in the 1st ME Church,Shickshinny, by the late Rev. E. E. Harter. In 1930 her husband became sole owner of the Mountain Echo and they worked side by side in promoting the affairs of the newspaper. Her husband died in 1945 and Mrs. Adkins then assumed the full responsibility as editor and publisher and continued to do so until her death."

It is no wonder that I believe women can do anything....from very early, I saw them doing everything. Oh, how I wish I could talk to Mrs Adkins today! I am going to see if I can find some copies of the newspaper at that time and find some editorials she may have written....

More to come...........

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Sisters are different flowers from the same garden. ~Author Unknown
I have a sister who lives in Colorado. We share the same DNA and uniquely altered memories. And resolve....we definitely share resolve. AND I have connected her to the peace that being a needleworker can bring to your soul.
I have other sisters. They have come into my life in various ways. Each of them brings something very special to me and I am grateful for their love. I call them the sisters of my heart. The picture here, is of the buttons I purchased at the quilting show last winter. They are made by women in South Africa...they are lovely.
I have a sister that does not even know she is my sister....she has a blog called "Spinster Stitcher". She writes every day or so about her life. I read it and ever though she talks about her DNA sister, Chris, I know that if she ever needed me to come and dig her garden, I would go in a heart beat....although we would have to talk about the Diva -Stewey that rules her life.
I have a sister who lives in the Northeast who has two little grandsons. They are a delight of her life and I adore hearing her talk about them....the love is palpable! She is a sister of my heart. In the novel Sense and Sensibility, one sister tells the other that she measures what her behavior should have been by her sister's example. That is how I think of this dear sister. She works very hard to make sure her behavior is always good, and kind, and fair, and healthy.
I have a sister who lives in Corsica. She is a Stitching sister and I think of her often. Right now she is going through a difficult time and needs some loving support. She and her family want to relocate to a place that will bring them some peace and happiness.....keep her in your thoughts and maybe we can send some good vibrations to her.
So this is the beginning of stories about my Stitching Sisters....look for more as time passes......

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ribbons and A Chicken

Whatever makes me think I can actually see to take pictures at 5 AM is a mystery. And yet, before you are pictures of a sweet little Chicken who is named Claude and a ribbon flower that has no name.
The flower needs serious color correction but I don't know how to do that. The ribbon is actually copper colored and not the pinkish shade you see. It is made from a remnant end I bought this weekend at a FABULOUS ribbon store here in Chicago. I am going there in mid August to take a ribbon embroidery class....something I really want to learn. I am sure posts will follow.
Ahhhhh....the chicken. Elizabeth, my daughter, for an unknown reason, has inspired a friend to give her something Chicken related for Christmas every year. These odd objects reign over her Kitchen. When she and I were in New Hampshire earlier this spring, I bought here a fun pair of scissors that have a Chicken on the hinge...they were incomplete to me until they had a Chicken Fob to hang on the handle. After searching many options and even stitching one that ended up the size of a paperback book, I found this little fellow in the Antique Pattern Library. He was these vibrant colors and I replicated them as best I could with some overdyed threads. I hope she likes it and yet, I can pretty much predict she will wonder why in the world she is being given another Fob!

Sunday, July 12, 2009


My EGA Chapter is sponsoring this event..... I have not included the Registration form but if anyone is interested, please let me know.

ILLINOIS STATE DAY The Underground Railroad Quilts By Eileen Bennett
Teacher: Eileen BennettMax: 60 StudentsLevel: Beginner / IntermediateDescription: Exclusive Teaching Design
"Conceal and yet reveal" ....the story of the Underground Railroad is told in simple quilt patterns on 32ct Tan linen. The patterns were roadmaps helping slaves to flee north to their freedom. The displayed quilt was a message to pack provisions for the journey, paths to follow, how to dress for Concealment and to identify a 'safe house'. Eleven miniature 'freedom quilts' will be included and the traditions of these designs will be shared as you work. You may work in simple crosses or take a 'step beyond' with a variety of decorative stitches as done on the model. Hemstitching as a finishing technique is included during class time. Kit includes: 24" x 55" linen, DMC fibers, #24 needle, 11 quilt charts, stitch diagrams, instructions, photo, washing instructions.Bibliography Lecture: included with class. Sign up and join Eileen beginning this wonderful journey into the Underground Railroad. Bring

Friday, July 10, 2009

England - Mouse

This floss keeper was sent to England to a young woman who answers to the name "Mouse"....I hope she enjoys using it as much as I enjoyed making it for her.

Exchange - Fair and Square

This square went to the sweetest person who just moved to the midst of her move, she still managed to send me the square. I hope she has enjoyed it....


I was part of an exchange done "on line" for a Scissor Pocket and a Fob. Gillie and I are was great happenstance that we were paired for this exchange. I am going to give them to her tomorrow. I love the colors and I hope she likes them as well....the pocket is not what I had hoped to have for the finishing but it is completed!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Visit East

I spent the last several days visiting my family in Pennsylvania. As it is our custom to do, we visited a farm market (Strite's) and found heavenly fresh fruit. The tart you see on the left is made with Blueberries, Red Raspberries, Black Berries, Sour Cherries, Apricots, and Fresh Peaches....the cobbler topping was made with oatmeal, flour and sugar substitute. It was delicious and we enjoyed it thoroughly for the entire weekend! I did some stitching on my designs and even got a little Christmas ornament complete.
I have had little time to tell you about my trip to Clifton Park, New York. The project was very beautiful and I shall post some pictures here soon....I want to complete another piece or two. Jackie is a talented woman. Not just creatively but her teaching skills are beyond compare. Take 13 type A women and put them in a room where they swear they are not competitive and she manages to make the event a joy to share. I have taken many classes at many retreats and no one has come near to teaching me the things that Jackie has taught me. It is an uncommon combination of teacher and artist.
The woman who hosts this event at her home is generous and gracious - to a fault. She opens her home to us and rearranges her house to accommodate all the things needed for a fun and enticing event. I am grateful to be included in this group of women. Serendipity exists!