Thursday, February 26, 2009


Good Day to you all...I have been inspired by the many and varied Blogs here....some of these stitchers could make a living writing.....I don't think I am one of them and yet, I do have some words to share and am going to begin to share them.....

I am overwhelmed by the camaraderie of women is the blind and soulful Internet we all roam .........women who would not be kind to one another, help one another, and see all the flaws in one another are the epitome of politeness and goodness here. Why? What changes us in this unseeing world? What enables us to share the very sadness we do not tell our best friends to the strangers who blog with us? What has us rushing to this world to tell of sick children, passing parents, and untrue women who will stroke us with kind words always? Is it that we can stroke and move on without the need for actual action? Is it that we can send the kind words that would be so hard for us to say in person? Is it the sense of real connection by that fine red thread we so often hear about?

I don't know the answer. And yet, I do know that when I read all these posts and I see all the incredibly creative stitching, I want to gather you all in my arms and share the comfort and brilliance!

"There is nothing wrong with the world that a sensible woman could not settle in an afternoon."
J. Giraudaux

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  1. Well said, Sharon. This world we live in is a funny place.