Monday, March 23, 2009

Filled with Lavender

I think this would be very sweet filled with lavender and hung on a bed post.


  1. Yes, a sweet and lovely lavender little bag...

  2. Hi, Sharon!

    I was checking out your blog (Haven't been around the 'net in a bit) and I saw that you were describing the Biscornu you made for me as having a top and a bottom--I think so too! What a coincidence! Or is it just good design? In other words, I too consider and use the "rose" side as the top--3 gold needles gently stuck in it right now, as a matter of fact! I've been keeping it near as I stitch since I received it!

    Your October Cake is BEAUTIFUL! I was so happy to see it, as I've been wondering what it would be like as a finish since I saw it on the Brooke's Books Yahoo Group! And wishing that my Birthday was October (instead of Nov) so that I'd have a rationale to stitch it! Love the ribbon you paired with it!

    Take Care,