Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Good Description

Two Years ago I made the excellent decision to ask to join a group of women sitting at a large round table in a ball room in the worst hotel (a story for another day) I have ever visited. That decision led me to friendships that are beyond description. Kinship and soul mates in the stitching world. This friendship has led to a visit to the Albany, NY area twice to participate in private retreats with Jackie DuPlesis (The finest finishing teacher working today - if you can ever take one of her classes run to it!) . The group had a name "Chic Stitchers" and shortly after the first retreat I attended in June, 2008, we added a Logo to our group and a Motto that you see on the picture here.

I have admired these little girls in all the blogs I have seen so I wanted to stitch one. She is large...probably 5" high. The band on her hat is a thin felted wool and her bow is an overdyed ribbon from The Thread Gatherer.

The saying is true. Of course, the definition of "Well Behaved" is always open to interpretation! We love the Jane Austin characters because they classically misbehave....The great women of history behaved outside of the current conventions of their time.....Amelia Earhart in her pants and plane flying....Madame Curie in her science and get the drift....

So, Behave well today and make some history!!!!!!

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