Monday, October 12, 2009

Monday Morning.....4 Days

Four days until I get my puppy.....who is still nameless. Send any name suggestions! I promise to put some pictures here next week.....I promise she will never make any posts here.

Things that really bother me.....that I did not notice that I put the I in Virginia over two threads to the right so there is not really enough space between the "a" in Virginia and the "B" in beach.....And I am not going to change it!

This is the Saturday night project that was a joint effort by Shepherds Bush and Dyeing to Stitch at their retreat. The design was SB and Ann dyed the fabric with coffee. Bindy made the bags (not show here yet). They are a wonderful brown stripped pillow ticking AND Charland designed and fabricated the silver acorn charm.

The inspiration for this box came from the BB Ladies at the retreat. They showed us one of these boxes they had made and gave us some hints! It was pretty easy with some rubber cement and this is a photocopy of a fabric I bought at the quilt shop. I also dyed some pins yesterday but you will have to wait to see those!
Have a great week.


  1. Beautiful! I love the thread "Virginia Beach" is stitched in.

  2. No changes - it's uniquely yours! A new puppy? Oh, I know you're excited. Better to name after you see its personality!

  3. Your cross-stitch is really lovely Sharon - isn't Fall/Autumn just the best time of year?!! And what a clever idea to photocopy that fabric - it looks great:0)

  4. Nice stitching! Can't wait to see and hear all about your new little puppy!

  5. Beautiful JOb! OHH! A Puppy, what a joy!