Friday, November 20, 2009

Oh, Happy Day

Who does not love little Puppy teeth! After spending much to much time chasing her around the LR this morning I let her have one of the things she loves and is not allowed....a scissor fob with the scissors attached. It is a mystery why they always want what they should not have.....right now she is looking at me from her Pile with green thread hanging out of her mouth.....Where she finds it is her secret......I am sure her first surgery will be to remove the wad of DMC from her lower intestine......She is a joy and I am happy for my decision every day!

The pumpkin is a revision (what a surprise) of an automatic I receive from a Wool Applique company......I changed it to suit myself and I love the way it came out! I have not done this before so it was fun to design and then stitch. I really should have married a rich man so that I could do this every day! At one point I thought about gifting it but nahhh.....I am going to keep it.

I had a great surprise this week and it was another friend, Gillie, was passing through Chicago and stayed a night.....we did not have as much time as I would have liked but it was wonderful to see her. These women in my life are such a gift.

My EGA had a ribbon class last Saturday that was taught by one of the members and she did a first rate job.....I now consider myself a Ribbon Embroidered! I made two little things when I got home and will photo them soon for you to see.....what a fun and quick stitch....

If we do not meet again before the Holiday, Happy Thanksgiving to you all.................. Be Thankful......


  1. What a sweet, sweet puppy!

    As for wool pumpkins: Love Them!

    I made a penny rug in September and am no addicted. Looking forward to seeing your ribbon embroideries!

  2. She is very sweet!!!
    I have 15 years old staffordshire bullterrier -lady and two years old afghan hound male. They both are very loved familymemebers.

    Happy New Year 2010!