Thursday, December 31, 2009

December 31

It has been shamefully long since I last posted. So I am going to try to start the New Year with a simple goal....note I did not say resolution.....just too strong a word...

I am going to try to post once a week.....that will be 52 small commitments. I will try to put a pic of Coco since she is just fun to see. There are Christmas pictures with her wearing her new "Snuggie" that are too precious.

Stitching goals are very simple. There is a marvelous young designer named Jackie DuPlesis of It's Fineally Finished. Her things are truly Heirloom/Museum Quality Designs. The kits have the highest quality fabrics and fibers. Here attention to detail in the instructions is just spot on.....

I have several of these kits....Ok, more than several. 2010 is a significant Birthday year for Miss Jackie and I have decided to devote the major portion of my stitching and finishing time to these projects. It is a little way to honor her and for me to finish these projects.

Tomorrow I am going to organize this venture and I will try to take some pics of the current status of each project.

Happy New Year to you all and the very best wishes for health, prosperity, and perfect crosses in 2010.


  1. Hmm, ladies, when she says she has several kits - 'tis true, slightly more than several, lol! I have had the pleasure of spending time in Sharon's apartment and having a little drool over all the lovely stuff!

    Happy New Year, dear friend and see you soon, I hope!

  2. I don't know if you've been on facebook these days so ... once again .. happy new year :o)