Wednesday, January 6, 2010


The needlebook on the right is one of the things you should never admit. I was part of a needlebook exchange and did not realize that I was not to send to the person who sent to me. So the first one I made was promptly sent off to the woman who sent me one......Only for me to find out later that this particular exchange did not work that way. So since I really hate stitching things twice, I borrowed this pattern from my daughter and made a different one! I hope the woman in Austrailia who waited an inordinate amount of time, liked what she finally received!

This Stocking is part of a Blackbird - Loose Feathers that had an exchange. This pattern is from a spring book that is in other colors but I thought it lended itself to a Red and Green theme.

Any way, The pictures you see above are the first project I am doing. The box on the right slides into the cover you see on the left....I have all the pieces of the box cut and covered....(ok, so that has been done since the class in the summer of 2008)...I have started the stitching on the cover and will post pics of the progress as it is worth showing.

As some of you know, I am visiting London and Paris to take classes with Jackie. There is (of course) prestitching that is to be done. My goal is to complete the prestitch and this project by the trip. I would love to be able to take it with me complete....

This is my little bundle of ( 4 lbs) joy. It is rare that she does not have some toy in her mouth if she is awake! Pic was taken this morning as I chased her around the Living Room!

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