Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Almost Any Excuse......

This post is going to be varied and a bit random as my daughter would accuse me of being.....

First the picture depicts my feelings about certain behaviors.....Last Sunday a calamity of errors caused me to make an illegal U turn and the "Well Behaved" line became my reason. Having locked all my keys in my car and having promised to take my friends to the airport, it was a hectic morning......My Friend Connie saved the day with her AAA membership and it took 2.5 seconds for the mechanic to open the door once he arrived 45 minutes after he was called. These things happen and they are the fodder for a life well lived.


SIMPLY FRESH soon to be published is simply unremarkable. Beautiful photography and despite the adage that we eat with our eyes first , there has to be a reason for the second step. And yet, it might be a perfect "First" cookbook for a beginner who wants to entertain with simple recipes, no challenge, and ingredients easily purchased at the local supermarket.

AMISH FRIENDS COOKBOOK: DESSERTS Oh, My.....COOKIES, as the Monster shouts. The cookie recipes in this book make my mouth feel the crunch on my teeth and the spices on my tongue. AND my mind wonders to the milk in the refrigerator. The ingredients are unusual and yet easily found. Ever had a rhubarb cookie? You will not find these recipes in a wee book at the grocery store check out counter. My only question, is regarding the quantity some of the recipes make.....will it be enough!

The PIES....I am a woman who does not get a birthday cake, I get birthday pie. The crust recipes will rival my Mothers perfect crust. There are pie recipes here that are company worthy!

I wished for more pictures. When I closed this book, I headed to the kitchen to look for the brown sugar. Buy some on your way home from the bookstore!

I look out the window beside my computer and it is a beautiful sunset across the Delaware River. The sparkling water moves in the breeze and the leaves move like a .............well, like a leaf in the wind....
I am honored and most fortunate to be anAmerican. Celebrate this July 4th with a song in your heart!

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