Sunday, June 12, 2011

In the Mood.............

My friend Barbara Anne was supposed to visit for Brunch today but she got caught up in a Bid Deadline and had to reschedule. I had all the ingredients for this Quiche so I decided I deserved it anyway! The peas are from the local farmers market and I shelled them myself. The Vidalia is always a welcome addition to any dish. Shrimp are a favorite and these were just sweet and perfect. The Strawberries and Blueberries are some of New Jersey’s finest. A great bonus to living here in the rural part of SNJ.

I think pictures of food are just the most fun…..maybe in my next life I can be a stylist for food pictures. Do you love the little pea pod salt and pepper shakers? I am not a ceramic salt and pepper shaker lover but I think these are just too cute. And they take up little room on a table. The napkins and place mat are antique linens for my meager collection……they are hand stitched and I always wonder - first about the woman who put each stitch in the fabric AND about the stories they have heard as they sat prettily on the table.

I am visiting some friends at the end of the month in New York. I am making them some gifts and it is a perfect Sunday to finish them……look for pics after I my visit.

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  1. Will keep an eye out for your pic's Sharon, whishing you a wonderful time at Mary's:))
    That quiche looks delish:)