Thursday, September 3, 2009

It's Coming..............

I was visiting some blogs yesterday and one of them actually had the number of days left until Christmas....I I went to the United Web Site to check the price of tickets back east.....reasonable.....I looked at the calendar to decide how many days I would spend there....a week, I think....and I started to think about this years theme....I usually wrap all of my presents the same way with a small change to identify each persons presents.

So what you see here is another little Christmas design I have designed and stitched. Inspired by my friend, Virginia, who lives in Corsica. The most fun is that I usually go to Babel Fish to translate things, then I stitch them, and then Virginia tells me what they really should be.....I hope this one is ok! Un Jour Beau should have been Un Beau Jour!

I am really looking forward to this weekend. I have some things to photograph and I plan to put my bottom in my stitching chair and finish many things!


  1. I was reading a book that said if you write down what you want it will happen - well, I am writing (and rewriting) that I want to be settled in Kalamazoo by Christmas and have all the family come to stay! We'll see! xxx

  2. Sharon, your little Joyeux Noel piece is lovely.

    Have a great weekend stitching

  3. That's a lovely little design. Are you considering sharing the chart on your blog? (hint-hint from the perpetual princess of chart collecting)

  4. Nita
    If you send me your email address, I will give you the pattern.

  5. Hi Sharon,

    I love the floss keeper in your 10 July post - could you let me know which pattern you've used please?



  6. With French if it is something coming from you you write it in the feminine. If it is coming from a male it is done in the masculine.
    I think your project is masculine.
    Feel free to smack me if I'm wrong :)

  7. It's perfect for a man ; for a woman you should write "Joyeux Noël ma chère amie" but it's lovely !