Monday, September 21, 2009

The Very Best......

As my friend Mikki says, "Who would not want to be us?" I have just returned from a long weekend that has been planned for over a year. Originally my friends were going to come to Chicago and spend it here in the city BUT my new job go in the way of getting it all planned and put together. Steph (the black zippered jacket) stepped in and put a fabulous weekend at Lake Como in Wisconsin together for us! You can see the name of the B and B on the sign. We arrived in the Big Ass Van you see was a hoot but I would not trade the ability for us all to travel together! I am sure the crack between my shoulder blades (BAV was a bit stressful to drive to say nothing of having my friends lives in my hands!) will disappear within a few days.
The stitching began as soon as we arrived....Connie, the great smile in a white shirt to the right of the sign, put together the most fun for us.....Camp Connie.....we learned how to make tin lids, we learned how to make magnetic thread holders, and on Sunday morning before we jumped into the van to leave, she taught us how to braid a scissor neck chain. Pictures will follow in the next few days.
As you know, (read June Posts) I went to Mary's house in Albany in the early summer. Last year at the CSW (Chick Stitchers Weekend), we agreed to a challenge piece that had been part of the Gift of Stitching Magazine Thea Dudeck.....Birds of a Feather. Names were picked and you were stitching for someone....the finish was our own decision. I made a bag for Ro and tomorrow I will post some pictures of it. Mary stitched for me and you will be overwhelmed when you see her finish....clever to say the least and of superb quality..........
The picture of the water is from our back deck. The rooms were spacious and we could all be together in the living room of one of the suites to stitch. Connie made a huge pot of soup on Saturday so that we could just grab a quick lunch and keep on stitching! We had a delightful dinner on Friday night and one of those experiences on Saturday night that you tell at Thanksgiving! (Not so good)
It was a wonderful weekend. I will share more over the next few days.


  1. What total FUN! Aren't stitching weekends just fabulous?

  2. Looks like a real treat! Glad you got to go. We had one, too, so be watching for my blog update - may be the weekend before I can get it done??

  3. ... and loads of fun was had by all! How lucky you are:0)

  4. Sharon, Glad to know that you all had a good time, BAV and all. Did you all work in your CSW project or new indulgences? :)