Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mary's CS Project

Yes, it really is that long. When you flip open the top in the back, a long clear straight edge is released. Under the Chic Stitcher Motto is a Needle Book and on the bottom of the back is a scissor holder.
You will notice that the stitcher on the right of the picture at the table is taller than the dark haired one.....Mary is the one on the left and I am the one on the right......the light blue silk that makes up the fabric of the case has a beautiful hand.

The button that holds the silk ribbon to fasten the flap closed is just the scale it needs to be for the over all size. This is truly an heirloom piece and I am honored to have it as a gift!


  1. It's amazing !!! Well finished and stitched with soft colors ... you could choose the same pattern for the accessories of the basket.