Sunday, June 14, 2009

Another Sunday

It is another Sunny, Breezy Sunday in Chicago. Having awakened early, stared at the tabby cat in the window across the street, stitched, designed, chatted with Elizabeth, had a pedicure, shopped at Filene's Basement, read a romantic novel I picked up in Borders, and took a lovely bubble bath. What more could you ask of a decadent Sunday!

I did not grocery shop....alas, I will have to buy bananas at Starbucks this week - which is a HUGE waste of money, I did not finish the Prestitch for Jackies Class in two weeks....I did not finish the CSW Challenge Stitch I am supposed to have done for the same visit....

One can not always complete everything of the list. And since I love making lists this just gives me the opportunity to make more.

I did receive the next round of squares from Maren from Fair and Square. Hers will go into the mail tomorrow. They are lovely and picture will appear her soon.

Yesterday I completed the stitching on the floss Tag for Mouse.....I will put it together tomorrow evening and send it off to England on Tuesday.

A full weekend....a lovely weekend.

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