Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Arizona - Native American

Last weekend I attended a Retreat (ASG) taught by Rae Iverson. It was the first I have ever done that was inspired and charted around American Indian Motifs and Folk Lore.
The main piece is a pin cushion fashioned around a Cradle Board.....the scissors slide beneath it as a sheath. There are several additional pieces. A needle book and a thimble keep. The chances I ever complete those are not good but I am pleased and proud of the piece you see here.
Where you see the beads on the edges were to be Queen Stitches....I do not like queen stitches and am not good at them so I decided to put beads and was very happy with the outcome.
The very best part of this event was the wonderful time I got to spend with dear friends. We were very helpful to the economy by visiting the Attic, a local needlework shop. The owner could not have been more attentive and was a fine example of service!


  1. WOW! These are gorgeous. I would love to borrow the chart for these as I have American Indian ancestors and am very drawn to their motifs.

    You did a wonderful job on these.

  2. Do you have to stitch the other things to complete your set ( or do you have to buy them) ? Would you like me to do it for you ? Nothing would give me greater pleasure :o)

  3. Beautiful job stitching and finishing these pieces! I love Rae's designs. I haven't seen this one before. Just beautiful! Stacy