Friday, June 19, 2009

In Memory of A Stanger

I belong to several of them is the Sampler Life. Yesterday one of the founders of this blog....named Marc....passed away. I have seen his postings more than a few times. They were always witty and smart. I can tell you little about his life and yet the out pouring of affection from his cyber friends is envious.

I often marvel at the world this internet has created for us. Each morning I sit at my desk and read the messages that have congregated since this time yesterday. News of a miscarriage in the UK. The preparations for vacations by "going silent". The births of most beloved Grandchildren. Beginnings of new projects, continuing WIPs, and the most of those finishes.....not all beautiful but all charming and loved. (Not unlike all of us)

Everyday, we share here what we seem to hold within our hearts in our walk around lives. As you can see this has made me sad and more than a little reflective. Those of you who know me, know of my great reverence for women as a group!

Enjoy every moment of your day.....
It is not that life is too short, it is that we wait so long to begin it!


  1. Hi Sharon, I heard about Marc's passing as well. You've said so beautifully how I feel about my online friends too. It's amazing the connection you feel to people you pour your feelings out to in words. *Hugs* DJ

  2. That could not have been said more beautifully!

  3. So heart felt, he will be missed!