Thursday, July 30, 2009

Week from the Other Side of Wonderful

Well, let's just say this week has had it's share of really good things and really bad. The picture is some friends on my Albany adventure earlier in the Summer. We did a Road Trip on one of the days of my visit. Driving to Vermont we passed this fabulous giant painted moose. I asked if we could stop and take a picture on the way back. We did. The gentleman who took this picture was 3 sheets to the wind smoking and leaning against the Moose who shall be known as Marty....and Marty was none to happy with this smoke blowing into his face. After must instruction and re-instruction, to get him to understand you point the camper and push the little button on the top, he took this picture. I am to the right of my friend Mary in the Pink Shirt but the scowl on my face at the photographer caused me to exercise my Editorial ability and crop myself right out.
I have had this picture for several months and you are seeing it today because I needed to see them and remember how important they are to me. These are some sisters of my heart. Embrace the sisters of your heart today and send them cyber hugs.

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