Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Sisters are different flowers from the same garden. ~Author Unknown
I have a sister who lives in Colorado. We share the same DNA and uniquely altered memories. And resolve....we definitely share resolve. AND I have connected her to the peace that being a needleworker can bring to your soul.
I have other sisters. They have come into my life in various ways. Each of them brings something very special to me and I am grateful for their love. I call them the sisters of my heart. The picture here, is of the buttons I purchased at the quilting show last winter. They are made by women in South Africa...they are lovely.
I have a sister that does not even know she is my sister....she has a blog called "Spinster Stitcher". She writes every day or so about her life. I read it and ever though she talks about her DNA sister, Chris, I know that if she ever needed me to come and dig her garden, I would go in a heart beat....although we would have to talk about the Diva -Stewey that rules her life.
I have a sister who lives in the Northeast who has two little grandsons. They are a delight of her life and I adore hearing her talk about them....the love is palpable! She is a sister of my heart. In the novel Sense and Sensibility, one sister tells the other that she measures what her behavior should have been by her sister's example. That is how I think of this dear sister. She works very hard to make sure her behavior is always good, and kind, and fair, and healthy.
I have a sister who lives in Corsica. She is a Stitching sister and I think of her often. Right now she is going through a difficult time and needs some loving support. She and her family want to relocate to a place that will bring them some peace and happiness.....keep her in your thoughts and maybe we can send some good vibrations to her.
So this is the beginning of stories about my Stitching Sisters....look for more as time passes......


  1. I'm so looking forward to hearing more Sharon. Beautiful buttons too.