Wednesday, July 22, 2009

So Much Trouble,,,,,

The pictures on the left are a compilation of things....the Little Square Fob is a Drawn Thread pattern from this years Celebrations of Needlework....The Cushion is a Shepherd's Bush Pattern made with the left over thread and fabric from the Drawn Thread Kit and the little Strawberry is made from the same Kit leftovers. I LOVE the colors and the little set of smalls.
Now, you are asking yourself, what does that have to do with trouble. has nothing to do with trouble. When I visit the blogs of others, I like seeing pictures.
My daughter has complained. That is the trouble reference. Although I had told her about this Blog, it was my assumption that she did not read it. I was wrong. On several fronts. She tells me that I have ruined surprises by posting her birthday pillow and the little chicken. I am chastised! Since a very significant birthday is coming, I shall cease all information regarding it until it passes. It would be a wrong for me to describe her as the wind beneath my wings......she is the very reason I need wings! Forgive me if I have been maudlin. She forgives me and as an only child realizes these "Quirky" habits of her mother are simply something she has to embrace.
Seize the Day!


  1. these colours are really great! I wonder what that linen is...

  2. Hmmm, I was with you when you went shopping....! But I won't tell!

  3. Vraiment très jolis..!