Sunday, August 9, 2009

Calling the IT Department

I need a bit of help.....I love the comments you all leave here....I would like to say hello and thank you. Is there anyway to access email addresses of Followers or comment leavers? Someone with much more IT knowledge than I may know the answer and I would really appreciate it. I also understand from my friend Gillian that there is a way you can list Blogs you admire so that others can visit them....I am a great user of this feature on the awesome French Blogs I visit.

Any knowledge would be appreciated. If it is too much to leave as a comment, my email is

Have a wonderful Sunday. It is melting hot here!


  1. Sharon, I recently discovered a feature on my blog that I can subscribe to the comments via email, in other words, when someone posts a comment to my blog, I receive it also as an email. I makes responding so easy. Try that. Good luck!

  2. You will only be able to see an e-mail address if someone has chosen to make it public. You can see that by subscribing to comments, as Marnie suggested. You could also click on the commenter's name and look at their profile. If their e-mail is public, you should see a link on the left side of their profile page.

    For followers, click on their picture. If their name is underlined, they have a public profile and you can click on the name to view the profile information (as mentioned above).

    Hope this helps :)

  3. Go to dashboard. Click on the followers icon. When you get to the page showing your followers click on a specific follower. If they have made their email public it will show. If not click on the work email on their profile and that will usually pop up with an email program to send them an email. You can also usually find their blog listed under myblogs and sometimes there is an email button on their page. Hope this helps.

  4. Hi Sharon, If you want to add the blogs you like visiting to your blog this is what you do. Go to customise your blog > go to blogs I like on the left hand column > copy the web address of of the blog that you like > click on add to list > then save. The blog address will then appear in alphabetical order on your blog.

    Hope this helps you.


  5. Looks like you have some good responses here but if you need additional help let me know.