Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Step into My Day.....

.....I am at the Little League World Series and have done almost no stitching! I have been spending time photographing my Mom's about half way through.....At first I was going to arrange them with Christmassy things BUT that got old quickly! Most are hanging on a wall, but I did find I had to take them from some different angles and sides....

I also had some of my antique sewing things stored at Elizabeth's and rummages through them soon!
And I made a trip to the Trimtex Outlet Store....oh the glory of it all! That is the picture you see is less than half of the store....I left with a shopping bag of things and spent less than $20. Two of my friends are getting their own bags of trim! This is the most stimulating place for a creative person....A scissor Fob grows from the ribbon that will attach it to the scissors!
Enjoy this day....


  1. Sharon,

    The Trimtex store looks wonderful! I'l plan to visit when I am down that way in October. That's going to be a grand day.

    I enjoyed my first visit to your blog and thanks for all the info this week.


  2. Sharon,
    Thanks for being a fellow fiber cheerleader!
    Hope your rick rack lovers love their carepackages!

    Happy Trimming,
    The Trimtex Mill Store