Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Stitching Week

I am looking forward to a fun/shopping filled stitching week. I am traveling to Clifton Park New York to spend time with my dear dear stitching friends. We will be working on a Jackie du Plessis piece called Hands to can see it on her site as with all of Jackie's pieces, the stitching is a challenge and the finish is superb!

The best thing about this week is the time I get to spend it with friends. I could expound on the great virtues each of them brings to the group.....or the wonderful things each of them has taught me.....we are each the best of women! I am grateful for each and every one of them.....

Hopefully, I will have some pictures to post for you next week!

Friday, June 19, 2009

In Memory of A Stanger

I belong to several of them is the Sampler Life. Yesterday one of the founders of this blog....named Marc....passed away. I have seen his postings more than a few times. They were always witty and smart. I can tell you little about his life and yet the out pouring of affection from his cyber friends is envious.

I often marvel at the world this internet has created for us. Each morning I sit at my desk and read the messages that have congregated since this time yesterday. News of a miscarriage in the UK. The preparations for vacations by "going silent". The births of most beloved Grandchildren. Beginnings of new projects, continuing WIPs, and the most of those finishes.....not all beautiful but all charming and loved. (Not unlike all of us)

Everyday, we share here what we seem to hold within our hearts in our walk around lives. As you can see this has made me sad and more than a little reflective. Those of you who know me, know of my great reverence for women as a group!

Enjoy every moment of your day.....
It is not that life is too short, it is that we wait so long to begin it!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Swell Day ...Fair and Square

Look at this square...the light pink are actually beads....The colors are wonderful spring/summer and I think it MUST become a holder for dried flowers and put on my bulletin board! I am the luckiest of women. These squares came from Maren and they are beautifully stitched. Thank you Maren!

Friendly Stitchers....Really Are

I am chaneling Lily Tomlin....But is this the cutest Floss Tag you have ever seen....there is a single lady bug on the other side....Plus all the wonderful Floss Mary send with it....and a sweet note. The name of the Yahoo Group is Friendly is out of the UK and they are a terrific group of women.....Thanks Gillie for connecting me to them....and a Giant Thanks to Mary for sending the good luck bug!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Another Sunday

It is another Sunny, Breezy Sunday in Chicago. Having awakened early, stared at the tabby cat in the window across the street, stitched, designed, chatted with Elizabeth, had a pedicure, shopped at Filene's Basement, read a romantic novel I picked up in Borders, and took a lovely bubble bath. What more could you ask of a decadent Sunday!

I did not grocery shop....alas, I will have to buy bananas at Starbucks this week - which is a HUGE waste of money, I did not finish the Prestitch for Jackies Class in two weeks....I did not finish the CSW Challenge Stitch I am supposed to have done for the same visit....

One can not always complete everything of the list. And since I love making lists this just gives me the opportunity to make more.

I did receive the next round of squares from Maren from Fair and Square. Hers will go into the mail tomorrow. They are lovely and picture will appear her soon.

Yesterday I completed the stitching on the floss Tag for Mouse.....I will put it together tomorrow evening and send it off to England on Tuesday.

A full weekend....a lovely weekend.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Some day I will figure out how to actually make a post larger....until that time you will have to endure my putting the information under the picture!

What you see below is a gift I made for my friend Connie for her birthday. Several months ago one of the generous members of my EGA Chapter, brought one of these for us to see. Hers was made from an Oriental Design of a Tea Towel. It was sewn onto itself approx 2 1/2" across the bottom and then that was stuffed into a roll and the ends of it gathered shut.

By now most of you know that I can not leave something alone SOOO, I made mine out of a quilted placemat as I thought it would give some bulk. I sewed some rings along the stuffed roll as a thread keeper. I cut a matching placemat and made it into a scissor Fob. The Fob has a snap on the ribbon and on the Matt so that you can snap it into place or have it separated to use! I used some china buttons to sew the ribbons in place on the outside. You put a project and all it's thread into the Project Keeper, roll it up, and tie the ribbons on the outside. It is perfect for small projects and you can put it into your purse!

I had made one of these for myself. Connie liked it and wanted to know how to make one. It was a perfect idea for her Birthday!

I realize the directions might not be great and if you want more details, let me know - I will try to explain better.....perhaps with a little drawing!


Friday, June 5, 2009

Floss Exchange - Stacy

I made this Floss Keeper as an Exchange on seems I did not put the card into the package and poor Stacy had to track me down. It is a design of my own and I fell in love with the idea of the spring colors and simplicity of it.
I hope she enjoys it as much as I enjoyed making it!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Arizona - Native American

Last weekend I attended a Retreat (ASG) taught by Rae Iverson. It was the first I have ever done that was inspired and charted around American Indian Motifs and Folk Lore.
The main piece is a pin cushion fashioned around a Cradle Board.....the scissors slide beneath it as a sheath. There are several additional pieces. A needle book and a thimble keep. The chances I ever complete those are not good but I am pleased and proud of the piece you see here.
Where you see the beads on the edges were to be Queen Stitches....I do not like queen stitches and am not good at them so I decided to put beads and was very happy with the outcome.
The very best part of this event was the wonderful time I got to spend with dear friends. We were very helpful to the economy by visiting the Attic, a local needlework shop. The owner could not have been more attentive and was a fine example of service!

Cradle Board

Left and Right Sides